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Press Release - Wood4Bauhaus Virtual Conference


Professor Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber  - mastermind behind the European Commission President’s initiative for a New European Bauhaus - delivered a strong message in support of a key role for wood in President Ursula von der Leyen’s New European Bauhaus.

Speaking to his theme - “Reforest the planet, retimber the cities” - Prof. Schellnhuber stated: “We need to create an alternative carbon sink and wood construction is the perfect answer. We can turn the timber into construction material in the built environment, recycle most of the wood [...] you have cascade utilisation and immediately replant the trees that you have taken away and even increase the forest area, then you have what I call the ‘Forestry-Construction Pump’.

Prof. Schellnhuber spoke on the conference: “The New European Bauhaus – How can the wood sector engage, contribute and co-create?”

The virtual conference was organised by the newly constituted Wood Sector Alliance for the New European Bauhaus which was formed in part as a response to the EC President’s call for wood to play a key role in transforming the built environment into a carbon sink, and of which the EFBWW is partner. The virtual wood4bauhaus conference brought together over 1,000 participants, including business, designers and civil society representatives and it showcased the aesthetic beauty and sustainability of wood as a key driver in construction and living for a carbon neutral society.

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